What happens if you lose the title to your car

What happens if you lose the title to your car

Video What happens if you lose the title to your car

What Happens When You Lose The Title To Your Car? You will need to get a replacement car title at your local DMV. Turn in a completed application and pay the replacement fee, then you will receive your title in the mail shortly afterward.

What Happens When You Lose The Title To Your Car?

If you are a car owner, you might be curious about what happens when you lose the title to your car.

That is a stressful situation to find yourself in, especially if you are looking into selling your car or getting a lien placed on it for a car title loan.

TFC Title Loans wants to help you figure out what actions to take after you have lost the title to your car.

Since the car’s title is the best way to prove you own the vehicle, you ought to move as quickly as you can when you realize your old title has gone missing so you don’t get in any sort of legal trouble. So, let’s find out What Happens When You Lose The Title To Your Car?

Can’t Find Car Title

A car title is proof of ownership of a vehicle. With the title to your vehicle in your possession, you can sell it, trade it in at a dealer, or register it in another state legally.

Even if your plan isn’t to sell it or transfer it to another owner, car titles are highly important documents that are needed to be in possession and readily available.

Titles are relatively easy to lose. And, unfortunately, they too can be stolen or damaged over time.

You must take the necessary steps to obtain a duplicate or replacement auto title. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can duplicate and replace a lost, damaged, or stolen car title through your local DMV.

How to Go About Getting a Replacement Car Title

What Happens When You Lose The Title To Your Car? If you have recently lost the original title to your vehicle, you can easily get a replacement from the DMV.

It can sometimes vary slightly state by state but it’s generally a similar process. After explaining the general process, we will provide some of the key differences between the three main states we operate in.

However, if you don’t live in one of those states then you can look up your state here.

First, you need to get an application for a duplicate title.

Many states allow you to print the application form straight from the DMV website. To find the application, go to DMV.org, pick your state, and print it or fill it out on the site.

If you prefer, you can go to your local DMV office in person and get a hard copy to fill out. You can also call the DMV and request that they send you a hard copy by mail.

Make sure you ask for the application to get a duplicate title because you have lost yours, not for a new car.

Gather the necessary paperwork per your local DMV

replacement title documents
What happens when you lose the title of your car

Collect all the necessary paperwork including personal identification like your driver’s license and vehicle information like insurance and registration.

Gather your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which can be found on your vehicle in the form of a metal tag on the front left corner just under the windshield.

Complete the Application

Complete the application form and make sure that all the information is correct. The Certificate of Title is the single most important document that proves your ownership of the vehicle so minor errors can cause serious complications down the line.

Generally, the application will ask for the following: your name, your address, your driver’s license number, your car’s VIN, your car’s license plate number, your car’s make/model/body/color, and your car’s current odometer reading.

Required Fees per State

Find out the required fee that you need to pay with your application for the state that you reside in. Then take your application with the fee and required documents to your local DMV/MVD. You should have your duplicate title in 15 to 30 days.

Arizona Replacement Title Process

The state of Arizona gives drivers two opportunities to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged car title.

You can do it in person or through the mail. Both require the same fees of $4 for a duplicate car title or replacement title. Though, both methods are different.

Replacing a lost or stolen title in person

  • Complete the Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236)
  • Enter the mileage on the car
  • Sign the form – It should be noted, only one owner can sign even if there are multiple owners for the car.
  • Bring the completed form to your local Arizona MVD Office.
  • Provide legal photo identification with either a driver’s license or state-issued identification card
  • Pay $4 replacement fee

Replacing lost or stolen car title through the mail in Arizona

  • Complete the Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236)
  • Sign the form – once again, only one person can sign
  • Enter the mileage on the car
  • Include a check for $4 payable to the MVD
  • Mail in the form to the appropriate address

Florida Replacement Title Process

Florida allows you to apply for a duplicate title by mail or in person.

Fees for duplicate titles vary. And, if you’d like to expedite the title, it’ll cost you $85.25.

  • Complete Form HSMV 82101
  • Proof of your identity (a valid state-issued ID will work)
  • An odometer disclosure stating that the mileage is accurate.
  • Information about any lien-holders.
  • The appropriate payment amount.
  • Take all of this information to your local county tax collector’s office.

You can also mail this information to your local county tax collector’s office. Visit the Florida DMV website for additional information.

New Mexico Replacement Title Process

To create a duplicate replacement car title in New Mexico, the process will be done through the New Mexico DMV office. You’ll need to have the following:

  • Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form MVD-10901)
  • A replacement fee is listed on the application
  • Current registration and your driver’s license
  • New Residents will have to take completed applications directly to the MVD field office in person.
  • Non-new residents can apply in person or by mail.

The process is quite simple. Remember, the duplicate auto title will be given only to the vehicle’s registered owner / legal owner.

California Replacement Title Process

California Replacement Title Process
Title replacement process

California has a title replacement process that is relatively straightforward.

To complete an application for a duplicate car title in California you’ll need:

  • Driver’s license number or state-issued ID card
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle ID Number (VIN)
  • The vehicle make and year
  • Vehicle registration card with valid proof of ownership
  • Completed title holder release form
  • Lienholder information

Additionally, the following will be requested and required upon duplicate title application submission:

  • Application for Duplicate Title (Form REG 227)
  • Twenty-dollar replacement fee
  • You can mail in the application or turn it in in person

CHP Vehicle Verification

You’ll also have to get a California Highway Patrol (CHP) Vehicle Verification within 90 days of replacing your car title. This is a requirement for the state of California.

Rush Title Replacement in California

Did you know it’s possible to speed up the process and get your duplicate car title quicker? For an additional $15, the California DMV will fast-track your replacement title and have it expedited to you within 8-10 business days. It should be noted that rush title requests can only be made via mail.

If you can’t find my car title, we hope we have shown you what to do when you can’t find your car title. And we hope we have shown you what happens when you lose your car title.

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This informative article will explain to you exactly how to go about getting a replacement title when you have lost or misplaced the original and you have a lien holder.

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