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Tips when buying a used car

Tips when buying a used car

Video Tips when buying a used car

Inspection pointers

  • Take your time and sparsely read about the entirety you need to have a look at – no longer simply what the vendor presentations you.

  • Take a look at the auto’s protection ranking at the Rightcar web page before you purchase. Your automotive performs a big function in maintaining you protected at the highway so take a look at the auto’s protection ranking and purchase the most secure to your value vary.Take a look at the auto’s protection ranking(exterior hyperlink)
  • Check up on the auto on a dry sunny day if conceivable – it is more uncomplicated to peer the visible clues to the auto’s actual situation.Protection tick list
  • The older and less expensive the auto, the much more likely there will probably be one thing incorrect, in particular as soon as it is finished greater than 100,000km. Be particularly cautious of engine put on and rust.
  • Know what you’ll repair and the price of having the paintings finished.
  • Take those inspection aids:
    • a tick list of items to search for
    • a magnet to test for hidden rust upkeep
    • a torch to appear below the bonnet
    • a pal – ideally somebody with slightly of auto wisdom.

Take a look at the bureaucracy

Take a look at that the auto has a present warrant of health – automobiles on the market will have to have a warrant of health not up to one month previous.

Alternatively, you might purchase the auto ‘as is the place is’. Underneath this selection you’ll be able to wish to give the vendor a written promise that you’ll be able to handiest power the auto to get a warrant. You could have to pay for upkeep to carry the auto as much as warrant same old.

Ask the vendor for any carrier or restore historical past.

In case you’re purchasing privately, make sure to tell us right away.

Extra details about purchasing a automobile

Get a qualified inspection

At all times insist on having a complete skilled inspection prior to purchasing any used automotive. Maximum garages will carry out those inspections. There also are specialist pre-purchase inspection products and services. After the inspection each you and the vendor will obtain a document detailing any upkeep wanted.


Take a look at whether or not your automobile is matter to a security similar recall or a Takata Alpha airbag recall.

Extra details about recollects

The protection tick list

Take a look at the outside


Maximum older automobiles have some rust. Whether or not it is a drawback will depend on how a lot and the place it’s.

Search for indicators of rust at the major structural helps (structural corrosion). That is bad. A automobile with rust within the spaces proven within the diagram will most probably fail a warrant of health inspection and upkeep will probably be pricey.

Rust at the automotive frame will also be an issue. Search for effervescent paintwork. It is conceivable that the usage of a filler could also be covering the issue. In some circumstances you’ll inform if so through operating a magnet over the auto – it would possibly not stick with the filler. Alternatively, the magnet check would possibly not paintings if the filler comprises iron mud.

Additionally search for rust:

  • on weight-bearing portions and guidance wheel mountings
  • below carpets, the bootliner and within the spare tyre space
  • within the petrol cap door.


A up to date paint activity may well be an try to masks an issue. First, take a look at the magnet check (see rust above). Additionally glance carefully for:

  • a rippled end – this would point out frame paintings beneath
  • other sunglasses of color in numerous portions – take a look at for overspray or other sunglasses below the wheel arches and at the rubber strips across the home windows.

Surprise absorbers

To check for worn surprise absorbers:

  • Stand at a nook of the auto, push it up and right down to get a rhythmic movement. Then forestall. If the auto does not forestall instantly, the shocks are worn. Can not get any motion in any respect? The shocks no doubt want changing.
  • Repeat this check on all 4 corners.
  • Subsequent, stand again to view all of the automotive. Does it sag to each side? To the entrance or again? Any sagging would possibly end result from faulty springs or surprise absorbers.


Take a look at the entire tyres, together with the spare. Legally, treads will have to be a minimum of 1.5mm deep throughout 3/4 of the tread development round all of the tyre. Alternatively, if there are tread intensity signs the tread intensity will have to be a minimum of 1.5 mm in those spaces.

Search for:

  • indications of tread put on at the tread put on indicator (on maximum tyres) within the tyre’s centre groove – this presentations up at 1.6mm. If you’ll see it, the tyre possibly wishes changing
  • asymmetric tyre put on – this will point out a guidance, suspension or alignment drawback. Flip the guidance wheel to complete lock a technique then the opposite and take a look at the interior of every entrance tyre.


Open and close the entire doorways, the bonnet and the boot, ensuring they’re aligned correctly and transfer easily. Additionally take a look at that the home windows open and close simply, and that they are going to keep open midway.


An exhaust leak is bad – exhaust fumes getting inside of your automotive may just motive you to go out from carbon monoxide poisoning.

To test for leaks within the muffler and exhaust gadget:

  • search for comfortable spaces, brittle spaces or spaces the place putty is used
  • protective your hand with a rag, briefly block the tip of the exhaust pipe whilst the engine is operating. The build-up of force will have to blow your hand clear of the pipe. No actual force? The gadget has a leak that wishes restore.

Take a look at the interior


Issues to test:

  • Push, pull or twist all dashboard switches and knobs to test they paintings.
  • Have somebody out of doors the auto take a look at that every one lighting and signs paintings, together with the brake lighting.
  • Take a look at the wipers, the radio, the levers for opening the boot and bonnet.
  • Are you able to modify the mirrors?

Additionally take a look at for previous or free wiring below the dashboard.

Seats and protection belts

Issues to test:

  • The driving force’s seat is at ease and you’ll modify it to fit your needs. Search for conceivable injury below seat covers, if fitted.
  • All seats are correctly secured to the ground.
  • All seats have protection belts.
  • The protection belts’ buckle and retractor mechanisms paintings.
  • All belts lock up tightly when unexpectedly pulled.
  • The webbing isn’t frayed or light – this may point out UV injury which weakens the belt. The belt would possibly want changing.


Leaks can point out put on (particularly from rust) and deficient care. They are able to be tricky and dear to mend.

Search for dampness or water stains on seats and carpets. If conceivable, elevate up the carpets and take a look at beneath, together with within the boot space.

Take a look at below the bonnet


A filthy engine can level to automobile overlook. However a glowing blank engine could also be the results of a up to date steam blank undertaken to masks defects.

Search for:

  • frayed or burnt wiring, oil streaks and poorly hooked up or broken hoses
  • petrol leaks across the carburettor and gas traces (take a look at sparsely)
  • black soupy oil – can point out a worn-out engine
  • oil leaks or different drips below the auto.

With the engine going:

  • take off the oil filler cap – if massive quantities of fuel pop out (particularly with a blue smoky tinge) the engine is wrongly worn (do not put out of your mind to exchange the cap)
  • let the engine idle for a couple of mins and feature a pal watch the exhaust for blue smoke whilst you push the accelerator. Whilst a unmarried puff is ok, steady blue smoke way a badly worn engine. (This check handiest works on petrol-fuelled automobiles.)


Search for:

  • leaks, rust or water stains
  • leaks within the radiator hose and the place the cylinder head meets the engine block.

When the engine is cool, take away the cap to test the water:

  • A bit of rust color is ok.
  • A inexperienced or blue tint – from coolant or engine conditioner – is ok too.
  • Any oil within the water signifies a serious problem.
  • Completely transparent water would possibly not let you know a lot – it is most certainly simply been modified.

Do not put out of your mind to exchange the cap.

Take a check power

Ahead of you get within the automotive

Take a look at that the auto is insured. You can be responsible for damages in case you power an uninsured automobile.

Pre-drive assessments

As soon as you might be within the automotive, transfer at the ignition, however do not get started the engine.

Take a look at that:

  • caution lighting pass on. If they do not, there could also be a fault
  • the oil and coolant stage lighting pass off after a couple of seconds
  • the handbrake gentle is going off when the brake is launched.

Any anti-lock braking gadget (ABS) or airbags lighting (SRS) could have their very own trying out series. Take a look at the automobile’s guide to peer what this will have to be. Stay up for any lighting that keep on – particularly the ones for brakes or coolant stage.

Get started the engine, with the engine chilly if conceivable.

Take a look at that:

  • the starter motor turns over temporarily and the motor ‘catches’ temporarily
  • there aren’t any atypical noises like backfires or a damn exhaust
  • the oil force gentle is going off after the auto has been operating for a couple of seconds
  • there is no blue smoke coming from the exhaust. (See observe below engine.)

Riding checks

Whilst you power, pay attention for any atypical noises that might point out issues:

    • clanging or clunking noises when beginning and preventing may just imply issues of engine mountings, exhaust, suspension, transmission or the power shaft
    • tapping or knocking noises may well be from a failing rod bearing, piston or piston pin
    • grinding or whining can imply worn gears or bearings – those are pricey upkeep
    • squealing noises whilst you brake would possibly imply new brake pads or linings are wanted.

Carpark checks

The use of an empty carpark, power at low velocity on complete guidance lock in every course. Rhythmic clunks from the entrance of the automobile would possibly point out the power shaft joints are badly worn and wish changing.

Pay attention to any smells:

  • A burning oil scent would possibly point out that the engine is worn.
  • Petrol fumes would possibly sign an exhaust leak. Leaks may end up in carbon monoxide getting within the automotive and it is advisable to doubtlessly go out in the back of the wheel.

Take a look at out the automobile’s acceleration:

  • While you put your foot down, does the engine pull easily, with none stalls or energy loss?
  • When you are taking your foot off does the engine energy down easily?

Hill checks

Discover a hilly highway this is protected for a check power. How does the auto power up hill? It is a excellent time to test for blue exhaust smoke (from burning oil). Cross down the hill, foot off the accelerator. On the backside push the accelerator. If the engine is previous it’s going to take some time to boost up and you may even see a large puff of smoke from the exhaust.

Take a look at out the automobile’s brakes. Do they:

  • reply temporarily to a marginally of the pedal?
  • forestall the automobile in a instantly line, with out pulling to each side?

Brake and tool checks

Discover a quiet stretch of highway and take a look at an emergency forestall, from about 30km/h. Put at the brakes firmly, however do not slam them. The auto will have to decelerate temporarily and in a instantly line (if the auto begins to veer to at least one aspect, unencumber the brakes and right kind the guidance).

Take a look at out the automobile’s gears:

  • Are you able to exchange the gears simply and easily?

  • Take a look at converting down temporarily a couple of occasions – is there a crunching noise? The gearbox would possibly want paintings.

  • If the auto’s an automated, do the gears exchange easily? Sudden adjustments or bumping noises are not excellent.

  • Is the transmission oil transparent purple? A burnt scent signifies issues.

Ultimate checks

Prevent the auto, and go away the engine operating.

Take a look at below the bonnet for:

  • smoke
  • oil or water leaks
  • issues of the cooling or electric methods.

In finding out extra about options that offer protection to you in a crash(exterior hyperlink)

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