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15 Tips on How to Get Rid of Squirrels Fast [Humanely]

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Squirrels could also be adorable to have a look at once they’re working round up the bushes and nibbling on acorns, however when they’re on your attic tearing up the partitions, you’ll be making a song a unique music.

Learn the way to eliminate squirrels safely, successfully, and humanely with the following tips.

1. Set up a movement activated sprinkler

Squirrels are naturally jumpy creatures. They’re small and best have their tooth and jaws to combat off risk. Once they’re confronted with one thing horrifying, they are going to a lot somewhat run away than keep and combat.

To scare away squirrels, you don’t want a lot. You don’t want to inflict ache or purpose any hurt. A surprising motion or a surprising sound is sufficient to cause them to run away. And a motion-activated sprinkler does this completely.

Most of the people are iffy with sprinklers as a result of they are able to power up your water invoice rapid. To keep away from this, make a choice one who has numerous customizable settings.

water sprinkler

Correct motion-activated sprinkler lets in you to select if you need it on all over the day, all over the night time, or 24/7. It additionally has a prime tech sensor that is in a position to distinguish between the motion of animals and motion brought about through the wind.

You’ll alter the sensor’s attitude relying at the peak of the animal you’re looking to eliminate. Simply attach for your hose, power into the bottom the usage of its spike.

Then alter the settings in step with your wishes, and let it paintings its magic. If there used to be ever a protected, non-toxic, and all-natural squirrel repellent, it’s were given to be a sprig of water!

2. Use squirrel-proof fowl feeders

Hen feeders are squirrel magnets. The buffet of scrumptious grains, seeds, nuts, and culmination are onerous to withstand. Those critters can climb up and take all of the meals for themselves, leaving your own home bird-less.

You’ll purchase new squirrel-proof fowl feeders on the house growth segment, however there are numerous DIY tactics to offer protection to your present fowl feeders from those little pilferers. And maximum of them are beautiful entertaining!

You’ll droop it on a twine as a substitute of sticking it at the floor. Be sure it hangs a minimum of 5 ft from the bottom to stop them from leaping.


Be sure they don’t achieve it in the course of the twine through threading a plastic bottle on both finish. It’s amusing to look them attempt to transfer previous the bottle once they understand it assists in keeping rolling at the twine!

In case your fowl feeder is fastened on a stake, you’ll position a baffle on it. A baffle generally is a barrier to the feeder or a strategy to widen the pole such {that a} squirrel can’t grip it. You’ll purchase one on the retailer or make one your self.

If you wish to have amusing staring at those critters try to fail to get at your fowl seed, connect a slinky to the ground of the feeder and make allowance it to hang down. When the squirrels seize it, their weight pulls it all of the method backtrack!

3. Plant plant life squirrels hate

Chances are you’ll assume squirrels love all issues inexperienced. In the end, their vitamin is composed of berries and seeds, and so they make their properties in tree trunks. However there are in fact things like squirrel deterrent crops.

To squirrel evidence gardens, plant plant life which might be both brightly-colored or emit a powerful scent. Crops squirrels hate come with fritillaries, geraniums, hyacinth, galanthus, lily-of-the-valley, mint, and daffodils.

Daffodils are unhealthy as a result of they include lycorine and calcium oxalate crystals which might be poisonous when ingested.


Alliums come with onion, garlic, leeks, and scallions, the style and scent of which repel squirrels naturally. The scent of mint could also be delightful to people, however in the event you examine what smells deter squirrels, it’s beautiful prime at the checklist.

Use those crops so that you could give a boost to your different squirrel elimination efforts. Develop them close to access issues into your backyard to discourage squirrels from coming in. Position them strategically round tree trunks to stop those animals from mountain climbing up and attending to the culmination.

Place them across the partitions of your own home to deter squirrels from coming close to in any respect. Those shiny and smelly plant life now not best eliminate squirrels; additionally they make your lawn come alive with colour.

4. Use mulch

When you’ve got an issue with squirrels ruining your carefully-tended lawn, there’s a answer that may power the critters away and make your crops develop even higher: mulch.

Mulch is any subject matter this is positioned above the soil to care for moisture, save you weed enlargement, and stay away pests. However precisely what do squirrels hate about mulch?

For those who’re on the lookout for one thing that may essentially act as a squirrel deterrent, it’s highest to make use of inorganic mulch corresponding to gravel, pebbles, plastic sheeting, rubber chips, or hen twine.


Natural mulch like shredded grass, leaves, hay, and straw is simply too just like what squirrels naturally dig up, and they are going to in finding it simple to get via to the soil. Inorganic mulch is way more potent and has a texture that squirrels loathe digging up.

This could also be a great way of eliminating floor squirrels that love to make their properties through digging up soil somewhat than hand around in the bushes.

To eliminate squirrels within the lawn, practice mulch at the soil a minimum of 12 inches on each side of your crops. If the usage of plastic sheeting, minimize out a hollow to let the plant stem undergo. It can be price noting that many say the most efficient squirrel repellent in relation to mulch is layer gravel over hen twine.

5. Take a look at an ultrasound squirrel deterrent

Research display that squirrels can listen sounds over a frequency vary this is greater than two times as broad as ours. Their vary is skewed in opposition to ultrasound, which refers to sounds which might be at the next frequency than what’s audible to the human ear.

This vital medical discovery has spurred the improvement of ultrasonic squirrel repeller gadgets. In case you are on the lookout for one thing efficient, non-toxic, and humane, that is the most efficient squirrel repellent for you.

This sonic squirrel repellent tool is standard on account of its adjustable settings, sturdiness, and sun powered charger.

pest deterrent

You’ll make a choice from 5 frequency settings relying at the animal you need to eliminate. For squirrels, flip the knob to three. Because it emits sound, it additionally flashes shiny LED lighting that function any other squirrel repeller.

Place the tool in a place that receives full-on daylight to benefit from its solar power functions. Even if all over overcast days, you’ll price it the usage of its USB port.

The sensor scans the environment at a 110-degree attitude, however this may also be adjusted if you need a narrower vary. It may possibly come across motion from as much as 30 ft away, so place it inside of that distance to their same old access issues to benefit from the squirrel repellent sound tool.

6. Take away meals assets

If you wish to prevent squirrels from getting into your house, you wish to have to grasp why they love putting in the market within the first position. Extra steadily than now not, it’s on account of meals.

Within the wild, squirrels most commonly consume plant subject matter. However if truth be told, those little critters can consume the rest and the whole thing. Squirrel issues can get started from leaving dog food out, putting in an easily-accessible fowl feeder, planting fruiting bushes, or failing to protected the trash luggage.

So prior to you get started putting in squirrel fence spikes or purchasing gallons of squirrel poison, know that one of the simplest ways to repel squirrels isn’t making use of one thing they hate however putting off one thing they love.


Keep away from leaving your puppy’s meals bowl open air. Set up a squirrel guard at the pole retaining up your birdfeeder, or else purchase one this is squirrel-proof.

Tent protecting netting over your fruiting bushes and give protection to your vegetable lawn with {hardware} material or hen twine. Take away any fallen culmination or fowl feed out of your backyard. Put your rubbish in a strong trash can that has a lockable lid.

Eliminating meals assets must be your first transfer within the squirrel keep an eye on struggle technique. With out doing this, you considerably lower the probabilities of luck of your different pest keep an eye on squirrels strategies.

7. Take away access choices to the home

For squirrels, human properties are very sexy. It’s well-insulated, provides coverage from the weather and predators, and is most likely with reference to a gradual supply of meals.

So if there’s a crack large enough for them to squeeze into, you’ll be sure that they’ll check out. For those who’re questioning find out how to stay squirrels clear of your own home, the most simple answer is to dam them from coming in.

Stroll round your own home and keep in mind of any conceivable access issues, like a crack within the basis, a hollow within the display screen door, or water-damaged eaves. Fill those in with sealant.

house with a green yard

Your highest guess to forestall squirrels from biting via is copper mesh paired with expandable foam. The robust tooth and strong jaws of those rodents aren’t any fit for the copper mesh.

Those skinny sheets of steel are pliable and may also be smoothly crammed into openings of various sizes and styles. Fill within the tiny gaps within the mesh through making use of the froth with a foam applicator gun.

This assists in keeping water and mud from seeping in in the course of the crack. Paint over the froth as soon as absolutely dry, and also you’ll by no means know a hollow used to be there.

Stay squirrels away through eliminating the rest they are able to use to scale up your partitions. This contains pruning tree branches and vines that graze the partitions and eliminating firewood leaning along with your own home.

8. Use a decoy squirrel feeder

You could be considering, “Wait a 2d. I believed tip #6 used to be to take away all meals assets?”. Smartly, recall to mind that tip as phase 1 of this tip.

The one method a decoy squirrel feeder goes to be efficient is in the event you first do away with feeding alternatives in your home. You will have to make it as simple as conceivable for those critters to select the decoy over your own home.

The decoy squirrel feeder must have essentially the most squirrel-enticing buffet of meals ever. Fill it with the whole thing they prefer to consume, and ensure there’s sufficient for everybody.


It’s highest to select a place with hole bushes for tree squirrels and comfortable floor for floor squirrels. With the killer aggregate of a gradual meals supply and excellent actual property, there must now not be any explanation why for them to return to your own home.

There are numerous cutting edge squirrel feeders available in the market that may simply lend a hand restore your dating with those so-called pests.

You’ll purchase one this is made for mounting corn cobs and chortle at how they nibble on the meals. You’ll acquire one by which the meals is positioned within a cage and watch them determine how to take away the nuts from the grills.

9. Scare squirrels with mousetraps

Mousetraps are one of the most extra violent pest keep an eye on merchandise, but if used as it should be, they are able to be used to repel squirrels with out hurting them.

When a mousetrap snaps, this can be a loud crack of sound that straight away scares animals away. That is the primary in the back of the usage of those gadgets for squirrel keep an eye on.

Animal welfare regulations and fundamental humanity dictate that those merchandise must now not be used within the conventional method for squirrels.

You’ll use those to discourage squirrels from digging. To make use of this humanely, it’s completely crucial so that you can anchor those traps into the bottom. Securing them will save you hurting animals.

mouse trap

Duvet the traps and the bottom they prefer to dig in with a newspaper and somewhat dust. The movement of digging will disturb the newspaper and spark off the entice.

Since those gadgets are anchored at the floor, they are going to now not bounce up and seize the squirrels. As a substitute, the squirrels will take off on the loud sound and sudden motion.

As soon as the squirrels affiliate that frightful wonder with that space, they are going to keep away from coming again. It is a excellent strategy to eliminate floor squirrels that wish to make their nests on your newly-tilled lawn.

10. Check out pure squirrel repellents

There are numerous chemical sprays available on the market which might be efficient at eliminating squirrels, however they will purpose toxicity in animals and people and be unfavourable to the surroundings. As a substitute, attempt to make your individual pure squirrel deterrent spray the usage of food-grade merchandise.

The secret to meaking an efficient squirrel spray is to make use of substances that those critters hate. One of the crucial perfect to seek out are spices.

The rest that tastes and scents highly spiced or minty will make squirrels run away. Blending a bottle of tabasco right into a gallon of water is an inexpensive and simple DIY pure squirrel deterrent.

essential oils

To make use of this squirrel repellent for the lawn, upload a few drops of dishwashing liquid to help in making it keep at the floor of leaves longer.

If you wish to give protection to your bushes, you’ll upload a uncooked egg to the tabasco-water combination. This makes it extra viscous and sticky, best possible for making use of on tree bark. The residue will adhere to the squirrel paws, making them let cross of the tree briefly.

You’ll additionally use the similar concept through sprinkling cayenne pepper powder, pepper flakes, or a garlic powder-pepper aggregate on surfaces and crops.

11. Let your pets out

A scared squirrel is a squirrel this is as excellent as long past. As soon as those animals learn how to affiliate your own home with risk, you’ll make certain that they’ll avoid your own home. And what higher strategy to scare those critters off than squirrel predators?

Puppy homeowners, have a good time! Canine and cats are in fact dwelling, respiring pure squirrel deterrents. Put them to paintings through permitting them to out each and every hour or two on your backyard. Make it an unpredictable agenda in order that the squirrels will assume that they’re at all times there.

For those who don’t have a cat or canine, there are different ways to idiot those animals into considering that predators of squirrels reside in your house.

dog sitting

Set up sensible and life-size owl figures to your roof or within the backyard. For those to be efficient, you must be certain they transfer. Purchase those that use solar energy or wind to transport inconsistently.

Remember to transfer them to other places each and every few days. There also are anti-squirrel spray merchandise that employ predator urine or different smells.

You’ll spray this within the perimeter of your own home or anywhere you notice the critters hang around. This smells somewhat nasty, regardless that, so don’t spray this within the portions of your own home frequented through people.

12. Get rid of status water

What’s any other factor that each one dwelling issues want apart from meals and safe haven? The solution is water. And in case your yard has a supply, you’ll be sure that it is going to draw in all sorts of animals-some of which you could now not wish to welcome.

That incorporates squirrels. Those creatures want to keep hydrated, in order that they gravitate in opposition to puts that experience status water they are able to sip from.

Although you’ve secured all of the conceivable assets of squirrel meals in your house, failing to take away the water supply can obstruct a hit squirrel elimination.

bird bath

Take a look at your house for open tubs of water and both empty them or put a lid on. Empty out your fowl tub till you end eliminating squirrels on your lawn.

Take a look at for any deep potholes the place swimming pools of water can gather. After rainfall, double-check to drain out any puddles. This now not best is helping eliminate floor squirrels however numerous different animal and bug pests.

With the exception of status water, beware that your lawn hose or out of doors taps don’t seem to be leaking. Squirrels were recognized to stay their tongues out to lap up droplets. Via preventing leaks, you’re making your own home much less sexy to those difficult critters and save you water waste as properly.

13. Blank out your attic

The scurrying sound of squirrels within the attic might power you loopy, however the actual risk lies of their tendency to bite on wires. This might cause short-circuits and fires in your house.

To eliminate squirrels within the attic, blank it out to do away with hiding puts that squirrels love to make into nests. Take a look at if any wiring up there was broken and exchange it ASAP.

Blank your attic all over the day because the squirrels might be out. To additional make sure that there are none of them left within, go away on a noisy radio and shiny lighting for an afternoon or two prior to your scheduled cleansing.


Let those squirrel repellents do their paintings prior to you are available to scrub so you’ll transfer issues with out the worry of encountering one.

For those who discover a nest with child squirrels in it, don’t try to contact them. Up to conceivable, it’s highest to attend till they develop up and go away. If you wish to have them out straight away, you could use a squirrel entice (see tip #14) or name a qualified pest keep an eye on corporate.

While you’ve wiped clean out the attic and made positive that all of the squirrels have long past, it’s time to hide up any access issues to forestall them from coming again. You might also imagine putting in squirrel spikes alongside your roof’s perimeter to stay them away.

14. Imagine reside squirrel traps

When you’ve got squirrels squatting in your house, one strategy to get them out is thru squirrel trapping. This lets you take away the squirrels with out touching them.

Even if there were few recorded cases of transmission of illness from those critters to animals, it’s best to keep away from dealing with them immediately.

They are able to be competitive when threatened, and their chunk may also be painful and simply inflamed. As a substitute, use squirrel traps to catch them with out touch. Trapping squirrels within the attic or within the partitions calls for a tempting bait and a sturdy reside entice.

squirrel in a cage

You’ll make your individual bait the usage of fowl seed, culmination, grains, and nuts, or you’ll purchase from the shop. The benefit of the latter is that it’s specifically designed to draw squirrels.

This business squirrel bait has a powerful aroma of black walnut that may smoothly be picked up through the critters’ noses. Oils, seeds, and meat are blended to shape a peanut butter-like consistency. Merely position on a cracker, on a bait stick, or in a small cup and position within a entice.

Make a selection a squirrel entice this is humane, sturdy, and efficient. This reside squirrel entice is made to stop harm to the captured animal. Double-check your entice prior to installing it to make sure that the spring mechanism is operating and the door shuts securely.

15. Set up a fence

If you wish to give protection to your own home from squirrels, it begins on the perimeter of your house. You hit two birds with one stone when you’ve got a excellent fence: it may well eliminate squirrels in the home and within the lawn.

However now not simply any fence will do. A squirrel-proof fence takes into account the animal’s talent to dig, climb, and nibble.

Use subject matter this is robust and sturdy, like {hardware} material or hen twine. Be sure the holes within the mesh are small, ideally round 1 inch broad, to verify they don’t squeeze via.


The mesh must be put in over the outward-facing floor of the posts. Go away a minimum of one foot of mesh at the backside to bury into the bottom.

This thwarts any squirrels that assume they are able to get in through digging below the fence. Save you them from mountain climbing over through putting in an electrical twine on the best.

Be sure that the fence has no loopholes. If there’s a tree out of doors your house, prune its branches in order that squirrels can’t use it to jump over the fence.


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