How to get rid of a squirrel in attic

How to get rid of a squirrel in attic

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Grey squirrel hiding inside a gutter

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Gray squirrels are one of the crucial unfold squirrel species in the United Kingdom. Many believe them adorable

and blameless fluffy animals however a few of the pest regulate business gray squirrels are referred to as destructive pests which in positive instances need to be dispatched.

This newsletter is useful to these of you who’ve been experiencing a squirrel invasion on your loft, attic, and even the lawn. We resolution questions reminiscent of why gray squirrels will have to be managed, what are the indicators that you’ve got squirrels on your attic or loft, what strategies paintings easiest to do away with them, and a few preventative pointers in opposition to long run invasions.

Why Regulate Gray Squirrels within the First Position

In step with the Global Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) the gray squirrels are a few of the best worst 100 invasive species.

In the previous few years, the selection of gray squirrels has higher and the damages they reason as smartly. So, listed here are 3 explanation why we as a pest regulate corporate regulate gray squirrels in the United Kingdom:

  • Gray squirrels reason structural injury to houses, business structures and in some instances can threaten your well being.
  • They affect the local pink squirrels’ inhabitants: gray ones are one of the most primary explanation why pink squirrels would possibly transform extinct in the United Kingdom.
  • Gray squirrels are essentially the most damaging to the United Kingdom forests and natural world.

If there’s get entry to for your loft or attic, gray squirrels will maximum no doubt input it to seek for meals or refuge.

One of the most maximum commonplace damages they reason after they get within your attic or loft are:

  • Nibble electric wires;
  • Depart droppings and urine which contaminate the loft or attic space;
  • Ruin woodwork, ceilings, and insulation;
  • Make noises as a result of they trot round which is able to worsen your sleep at evening.

Squirrels are maximum lively a couple of hours sooner than morning time which is the time when you’ll maximum no doubt listen them.

From time to time you’ll spot squirrels get nearer to people and let the folk feed them. It’s as a result of squirrels hyperlink people to meals.

Within the lawn or yard, gray squirrels take fowl meals, assault fowl nests and devour younger young children or fowl eggs, take fruit and dig holes within the garden. They’re scavengers which means that they’ll seek for meals in trash cans if they’re out there. This implies they make a multitude across the lawn.

Gray squirrels don’t seem to be local to Nice Britain and had been presented years in the past from North The us. Within the nation and in Europe, gray squirrels are categorized as Invasive Alien Species (and any animal that isn’t local to the UK). Because of this, in line with the Invasive Alien Species (Enforcement and Allowing) Order 2019, it’s forbidden to unencumber gray squirrels if it was once trapped or stuck alive. So, for those who occur to lure a gray squirrel, you might be obliged to humanely dispatch it.

Indicators of squirrels on your attic

Typically, gray squirrels are in search of meals all over spring and autumn which is the time whilst you would possibly understand some indicators of squirrel process on your attic.

So, for those who suppose there are squirrels scurrying on your loft or attic, listed here are a couple of indicators you’ll take a look at for:

  • Scratching and different extraordinary noises out of your loft or attic;
  • Injury to the insulation foam;
  • The scent of urine within the loft or attic;
  • Droppings which you’ll slightly distinguish from the opposite rodents’ droppings.
  • Nuts and seeds had been stolen from the fowl feeding stations;
  • The timber’ bark on your lawn is peeled;
  • Recognizing squirrels round the home very steadily. Typically on fences or on a tree department this is on the subject of the attic or loft of the home.

Methods to Eliminate Gray Squirrels in Attic of Loft

After you might be acquainted with the indicators they go away in the back of, it’s time to be informed probably the greatest how one can do away with squirrels temporarily and in step with the legislation.

In the United Kingdom, gray squirrel regulate prices roughly £14 every year and the most well liked strategies used to do away with them are drey poking, taking pictures, and trapping.


Trapping is well known and one of the crucial efficient technique to do away with gray squirrels. Listed here are the stairs to observe as a way to lure a squirrel.

  • Select an acceptable lure: the in the beginning step is to choose the lure. For the most productive effects select a reside lure large enough for the squirrel to get within.
  • Make a decision the place to put it: make a choice a flat floor the place you’ll block the trail of the squirrel. When trapping gray squirrels you’ll position the lure at the attic or loft, the bottom of the valuables, or the tree the place they climb.
  • Choose a bait: to lure a wild animal you wish to have one thing appetizing to draw it within. Select a bait that the squirrel gained’t be capable of seize and take out of the lure. For instance, you’ll put peanut butter because it’s sticky and now not forged. Alternatively, for those who use a forged bait, be certain it’s larger than the outlet.
  • Be certain doorways are extensive open.
  • Test the lure frequently in order that the squirrel isn’t trapped for too lengthy.
  • Don’t unencumber the gray squirrel because it’s forbidden in the United Kingdom. As an alternative, dispatch it humanely. The 2 humane dispatch strategies in the United Kingdom are taking pictures or cranial dispatch. Additional information you’ll to find in this Trapping protocol. Dispatching the animal could be distressing to a few of you, so we suggest hiring a certified squirrel regulate corporate to do it as a substitute of you.

Learn extra: Methods to get rid of a useless rodent.

Exclusion of squirrels

Proper after getting trapped the squirrel you need to check up on for access issues. Your next step is to seal each and every opening with a mesh or steel flashing. In the event you don’t seem to be ready to do it on your own, you’ll all the time rent skilled lend a hand to dam the entrances.

Squirrel Repellents

There are few herbal and business repellents that would possibly paintings however now not for a very long time.

For instance, ammonia is repellent. In the event you’ve discovered the squirrel’s nest, position some quantity of the ammonia on the subject of it. The robust scent will disturb the squirrel and lead them to see the attic as now not that horny position. This manner they won’t discuss with it for a good time of duration.

Different home cleansing merchandise with a powerful scent would possibly paintings the similar as ammonia (when you don’t have one at your disposal).

Different herbal repellents use the smell of a squirrel’s predator reminiscent of foxes, cats or canines. This scent will stay the rodents away.

You’ll be able to take a look at on-line or in specialized shops (for gardening equipment) for different chemical repellents. All the time observe the directions at the bottle and use the repellent as directed.

Different DIY Strategies

Take away nest

Gray squirrels construct nests in timber referred to as dreys. So, one of the crucial efficient tactics to transport squirrels out of your loft is via poking their dreys. In the event you’ve spotted one on your yard, do this methodology.

It’s advisable to poke the nest, as a substitute of taking pictures it, as it could be inhabited via different birds or animals. Additionally, if the nest isn’t correctly demolished, squirrels can nonetheless occupy it.

Use lighting within the attic or loft

As we’ve discussed above squirrels are extra lively all over the evening sooner than morning time. They don’t really feel relaxed and fairly really feel uncovered if there’s a gentle on. You’ll be able to set up lightning briefly, use a flashlight or a status mild on your attic or loft. For higher effects, do this means along different strategies. Additionally, if you realize the place the drey is, level the sunshine towards it. It’ll hassle the squirrels and so they most definitely will go away the drey and search for every other refuge.

Make your attic or loft noisy

You’ll be able to position a small radio on your loft or attic in order that it makes a noise within the room. Squirrels will assume there are folks within and pressure the animals to move somewhere else. You’ll be able to additionally position the radio nearer to the nest. If you select to position it on your loft or attic, there’s no want to flip it up. It’s superb to quantity it so long as it may be heard within the attic or loft.

Mix it with vivid lighting for the most productive effects.

Skilled gray squirrel regulate

This option to do away with the squirrels out of your loft or attic is probably the greatest. Particularly, for those who don’t have the important enjoy with trapping or dispatching a squirrel. Should you’ve already attempted the entirety and nonetheless get afflicted via the irritating squirrels, rent a certified squirrel regulate corporate. They could use other strategies reminiscent of reside traps, drey poking, taking pictures, spring traps, and proofing. Typically, the mavens be capable to check up on and hint the squirrel’s trail. The pest consultants know the place precisely to put the lure and all the time observe the rules in the United Kingdom.

Methods to save you squirrel access into structures

Listed here are few preventative measurements you’ll execute in opposition to long run squirrel invasions:

  • Seal all access issues, in moderation take a look at for openings, large cracks and shut them as a way to block the squirrel’s means for your belongings.
  • Take away any tree department which is in shut proximity for your attic or loft.
  • Take away fowl feeding stations or block them for the squirrels. You’ll be able to use meals which they don’t like reminiscent of chilli flakes or millet.
  • Block the chimney: from time to time squirrels get within via hiking down the chimney. Remember to quilt it in order that they’re not able to make use of it.


Squirrels appear to be very adorable however in reality may also be damaging and traumatic. They’re most commonly attracted via meals and search for secluded puts. Your loft or attic is the sort of spot. The above strategies are amongst probably the greatest however in keeping with our observe, folks can slightly take care of the squirrels via themselves as a result of they don’t have the important enjoy and expertise. That’s why skilled lend a hand is your only option you’ll make to do away with the squirrels on your loft or attic.

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